Saturday, February 4, 2012

the hunger games

I love books, and I don't think that is a secret.  Is it nerdy?  Maybe, but I have loved reading for as long as I can remember.  I love bookstores (I worked at Borders in college, before it closed), I love libraries, I love buying books and reading books.  I love the smell of the pages and the feel of  them.  And yes, I do usually buy a book because I like the way it looks, unless something has been recommended to me by a friend.

I like books so much I am in a book club!  This month it was my turn to choose the book and host and out little get together is coming up on Wednesday.  I'm very excited and working on getting the menu together but the best part is that the book we read was FANTASTIC!!!

This morning I was about a quarter of the way through the book.  I woke up and started reading and did not stop until I was finished.  I love when a book is so good that I cannot put it down.  If I didn't have to work tonight, I would have gone out and bought the second book and started reading that one too.  You better believe that is what I will be doing first thing tomorrow!

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