Wednesday, August 31, 2011

happy hump day

Has it felt like the worlds longest week or is it just me?  Maybe it is because this is my first full week back to work in a few (roughly 9) weeks.  Yea, that might be the reason.

Anyway, it has been such a long week and I realized that today when it wasn't Thursday, it was only Wednesday!

But not it is Wednesday night.  Which means the work week is officially half over and there is a long weekend coming up.  What does that mean for me? A double Friday and working late Saturday but Sunday and Monday are full of free time, family time, and fun time!

So Wednesday, you aren't looking so bad anymore.  I'm really looking forward to meeting your neighbor Thursday tomorrow because Friday is right after that!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

borderline and fall cleaning

What a lovely little weekend I had.

Friday was back to work since the power was back on and back to working doubles since I had a shift at MGB after a long day at school.

Saturday Ben and I went to our absolute most favorite breakfast place, Borderline Cafe in Lakewood.  They serve breakfast and lunch from 7am til 2pm Wednesday through Sunday.  Most of their meals have a southwestern flair and I almost always get the Southwestern Omelet but decided to branch out and finally got something different.

I ordered the breakfast wrap with bacon and it was delicious.  It came with chips and salsa and chipotle mayo.  I was definitely glad I branched out and got something new.  Ben got the special which was a breakfast style taco and it was equally delicious.

I spent the afternoon working in the yard and trying to get it ready for fall.  Most of what I wanted to get done I did but I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of all the crab grass and weeds that just do not seem to stop growing!  Big pain in the butt.

I spent the evening working again, came home and crashed.

Today Breckyn did a great job of waking me up super early even though we could have slept in.  So I spent some time couponing and then got to the long list of cleaning.  Yep, cleaning.  Not very exciting but the house is spotless and all decorated for fall.

helping out
Breckyn was trying to be nice and help out.  Really she has just been a pain today but how can you not help but love her?

Ben got home after a night away with friends, we grocery shopped and had a nice dinner.  I'm going to spend the rest of the night getting ready for school tomorrow and hopefully reading a good book.  I just finished this and am still deciding where to go next.  Off to the bookshelf to decide!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

ok cleveland, enough with the weather

Well school is back in full swing which means it is much harder for me to sit down and crank out a little blog.  Especially because not only do I have school but I also have work on the weekends because I am crazy.  Yep, I said it and admit to it.

Since it has been a few days, I have to recap what has been going on with the weather!

Tuesday afternoon I was almost ready to leave school for the day.  Almost everything was ready for the kids first day, just a few finishing touches on my room and lesson plans and then my last night of freedom! (which unfortunately began with a dentist appointment, but that's a whole other post)

All of a sudden I thought I was going to fall out of my chair do to a fainting spell or something.  I was so dizzy and the room was spinning and I was like what is going on?!?  One of my fellows teachers said, "I think the room is moving.  What could that be?"

Of course everyone in the room is like, no, no, the room can't be moving can it? Maybe it is! Oh my gosh it is moving!  We don't have earthquakes in CLE, someone must be on the roof. 

Then it was over and we went back to our work.  Until someone can on the PA and said we had to leave so the fire department could come check the pipes.  Yep, it was an earthquake.

Ugh!  Way to put a wrench in my day.  After sitting outside in the hot hot sun for 25 minutes we were let back in the building and all was well.  Everything was finished and the first day of school went as smooth as it could have.  Yay, success!

The second day of school began with getting called off because we had no power!  Awesome right?  Not really.  It was only the second day of school.  I much prefer these days in January, February, or March when no one really wants to go to work anyway.  Then I sat in bed and thought of all the stuff I could get done on my to do list if I was going to be home.  Ok, I said to myself.  I can deal with a day off.

Except I didn't have any power either.  for. the. whole. day.  Now, this should not have ruined my whole day because there are plenty of things you can do without power.  But, I surrendered to the power and decided the only thing I could do was enjoy the sunshine and read a book.  So that's what I did.

Now I'm trying to play catch up this weekend because I didn't get my chores done all week!  Procrastinating is never the answer!

Monday, August 22, 2011

because everyone else is doing it

I finally joined the rest of the world and joined Twitter.

I'm still pretty unsure of how all of it works and what I'm supposed to do or say.  It seems like everyone else is so clever and has something funny or important, or at least not completely boring to say.

Me?  I don't have much but I just gave in to the peer pressure and decided I would try my best to be creative.  So far I have 2 tweets and a few followers, so I guess I'm not doing that bad.

P.S. work started today and I'm already overwhelmed.  My to do list barely has anything on it and I still feel like I will never get all of it done.  I know, crazy, but that's just how it is probably will always be.

Find me on twitter @rachc731

If you find the need to follow me and see all of the exciting (ha!) things I'm doing.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

a wonderful little Sunday

The end of summer (at least the summer break that I am lucky to have) is never a very good day for me.  It is usually one of the worst cases of Sunday stomach that I get the whole year.

Today was much different though and I could not be happier.

We started the day with a delicious brunch at Luxe with two of my favorite people, Melis and Anthony.  Since Melis is still living in Cbus (but will be here soon!) we always try to see each other when she is in town.  Of course working the weekends at MGB makes that a little hard and that is why brunch is perfect.

We sat on the patio, even though it drizzled a little and had some delicious food.  They even have a 2 for 1 drink special from 11 until 1 on Sundays, which is awesome!  We had lots to talk about and catch up on and made sure to do so over a few breakfast cocktails.

The afternoon was spent lounging around in the yard with Breckyn enjoying the sunshine and relaxing.

We then met up with my dad and sister for an early (of course) dinner at the one and only Gene's Place which is so authentic it doesn't even have a website.  I can't even begin to count the number of times I have eaten at this restaurant and it never gets old.  I will take my children (which currently are not even in existence) there someday and absolutely look forward to doing so.  Nothing says family time like a family owned diner with delicious food and awesome staff.

Ben and I came home and have been relaxing ever since.  It was a wonderful little Sunday, and even though I'm never ready to go back, I feel pretty prepared to start work tomorrow.

Here's to another great, and hopefully quick, school year!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

pool days

Since I am lucky enough to have a wonderful job that gives me about 9 weeks off every summer, I busy myself with lots of other jobs so I stay out of trouble.

One of those jobs isn't really much of a 'job' other than the fact that I have to get up early and be there until four the two days a week that I babysit.  It all started way back in the summer of 2003 after I graduated high school. 

At that time there were 3 boys and another on the way.  We spent the summer going to the zoo, playing t-ball, taking bike rides, and going to the park.  I went off to college in the fall and returned the next summer.  That year there were 4 boys and we spent most of the summer at the pool.  The next summer came and another little boy came along.  One more summer after that with 5 boys and plenty to keep us busy. 

By that time they were no longer just a family that I worked for.  They had absolutely become friends, like a second family that we celebrated birthdays with and had cookouts with when it had just been to long since we got together.

Last summer I was living on the westside again and asked if I could help out with babysitting.  I thought it would just be fun and something for me to do a few days a week.  We had a good time and surprise...their mom was going to be having another baby!  Summer went by fast and I knew I would be back next year.

Fast forward to this summer.  Six boys...three of which are old enough to take care of themselves and don't require me to do much of anything for them and three of which I actually watch.

It was a great summer that unfortunately has come to an end.   They are an awesome bunch of boys to hang with, and I'm sure part of that has to do with the fact that I'm only there for 2 days a week.  Long enough to have fun, not long enough for all the arguing to get annoying.

We spent the mornings lounging around the house and the afternoon at the neighbors pool.  I already miss summer...why do you always have to go so fast?  At least I have these adorable pics to remind me of the fun we had.

having fun in the sun

jumping in the pool

thanks for a fun summer boys :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

breckyn goes for a bike ride

A few weeks ago Ben finally bought himself a bicycle. 

I bought one last summer and love to ride it but it just isn't as fun alone.  Why, I'm not sure because we don't talk while we're riding, but it's just nice to have someone there.

Tonight we took Breckyn with us for the first time.  We knew this would be a trial run and were basically prepared to turn around at the end of our street if we had to.  But she did great!  She's used to longboarding with Ben and I think to her this was basically the same thing.

We just did a little loop of the neighborhood and I'm sure we will do that a few more times before we venture farther or to the Metroparks but it was awesome.  She loved it and now she is panting away lying on the floor with what I like to think is a big smile on her face.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because there is no way I was going to take my camera with me when there was a very good chance we would all crash and burn.  Maybe next time!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a movie that is just as good as the book

This afternoon my sister and I finally went to see The Help.

It was a book that I absolutely loved and made her read because I knew she would like it too.  Plus then I knew I would have someone to go to the movie with when I heard they were making one.

She enjoyed it as well, and we were both excited to see what they would do with it in movie form. 

I'm a book girl and so is she.  We both love to read and if there is a movie to go along with a great book we will usually go check it out, but I don't think I've ever enjoyed the movie as much as the book.

Today The Help changed that.  It was such an amazing book and the movie was done so well.  I'm so glad we went to see it and I recommend both the book and the movie!

Monday, August 15, 2011

being a grown up

There are many great things about being a grown up.

  • Not having to live with your parents anymore
  • Making your own rules
  • Being legal drinking age
  • No curfew!
  • Paychecks
  • Only cleaning when you want to
  • Not having to eat your veggies and always drink milk for dinner
 There are also some not so great things about being a grown up.  I have come to this conclusion before today but it was reinforced after spending over 4 hours on the phone trying to get a better home insurance quote.
  • Having to take care of everything
  • Not living with your parents :(
  • Cutting the grass, not because your parents are making you but because you don't want your yard looking hideous
  • Making phone calls about all the bills
  • Paying the bills
  • Always cleaning, all the rooms in the house always need cleaning
  • Water in the basement
I love my house and couldn't be happier with all the wonderful things I have.  I really have no real complaints, and most days I enjoy being a grown up and all that it has to offer.

But come on, who doesn't wish every once in awhile that they were just a 10 year old kid enjoying the summer and looking forward to getting new supplies before school started?

On a side note, I stumbled upon this video while on this blog.  Check them both out.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trazfest 2011

Although summer is coming to an end and that makes me very sad (because I will miss the weather and not having to go to work everyday) this past weekend is one of my summer favorites.

Trazfest.  Yes, this is a made up name for a wonderful weekend of good times with friends.  It is so awesome and something we all look forward to as part of our summer and have for many years now.

It all started with parents going out of town for a vacation and Anthony deciding he should have a party.  That was 9 or 10 years ago, (we kind of lost count) and we haven't stopped since.

We have upgraded to a lake house in Vermillion for the weekend instead of someones parents house because let's be honest, we are a little to old for that.  We've been heading out there for 5 years now and it is always a good time.

beautiful view
Ben and I didn't go out until Saturday morning because of work, but the fest really begins on Friday.  Saturday it's time for the boys to golf and the girls to enjoy some good wine and tasty food at Paper Moon Vineyards.  After some separate we fun we come back together for dinner and other shenanigans. 

This year our host decided a pig roast might be a good idea and of course we all agreed.  After lots of research he realized that our best bet was a pulled pork dinner with lots of sides provided by Smokin Joes which might have been the best Trazfest idea so far.

some of the girls

ben and myself, this was the best pic we could come up with

After a great dinner and lots of games and laughs with friends we built a fire, had some s'mores and eventually crashed for the night.

For most, Sunday begins with breakfast at a tiny diner where the waitresses call you baby and honey.  The food is good, cheap, and fast, so it always works for us.  We head back to have a mass clean up, hang out for a little longer, say our goodbyes and see ya next years.

I had such a great time and am so happy to have the amazing group of friends that I do.  I already look forward to next year and many more after that.

Monday, August 8, 2011

mary gets married!

Saturday was a wonderful day.  Mary has been a friend of mine since I started college and she is one of my monthly dinner girls.  She married her handsome husband Tom on a beautiful day out of the eastside of town.

The ceremony began at noon and she was an absolutely beautiful bride.  I've never seen her smile so big or run so fast down an aisle.  Literally, running down the aisle with her dad!  It was too cute.

Ben and I had so much fun at the reception.  We danced, we drank, and most of all had a great time with the new couple.

I wish them both nothing but happiness, love, and good health, and cannot wait to be a part of their new lives as husband and wife.

Congratulations Mary and Tom!

the vows
the new Mr. and Mrs.

friends :)
katie, myself, and kristen


Saturday, August 6, 2011

oh hey there emergency room

Oh what a night!

After a long night at work, when I was looking forward to getting home and getting in bed to be up early today to get ready for Mary's big day, there was a little bit of a speedbump that got in my way.

I'm clearing tables and helping out and someone says to me, "Ben cut his finger up real bad."  I'm thinking how would that be possible.  He's behind the bar and should not have anything sharp back there.

So, I run into the kitchen and oh yea, there he is blood dripping down his arm with his hand held high in the air.  The door jam got him.  Yes, you read that right, the door jam.  What are the odds that when you slip a little and try to grab a wall to catch yourself you stick your pointer finger in a door jam and tear off a pretty decent size chunk of it?  Seriously!

Of course a trip to the ER was in order, even though we knew there was no way it could be stitched.  Two hours and a great deal of pain later, we finally got home to a very sad little puppy who was extra excited to see us.

Now Ben has the nice excuse of not being able to immerse his hand in water for at least a week.  This means I have to do all the dishes, not cool.

Today should be a good day though.  My wonderful friend Mary is getting married!  I cannot wait to see her and dance the night away.  It should be an amazing night, and let's hope there are no more emergency room trips.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

why have i not checked out this view before?

Last week Ben and I made our first trip to The Harp.  It was awesome!

It was a late dinner, so instead of really eating we just had apps and drinks.  Because doesn't it make more sense to save extra room for drinks if it is late and you really haven't had dinner?  Okay, I thought so too, so that is what we did.

This place has an awesome view!  I've driven past it many many many times, but this was both of our first times there.  We will definitely be going back.  Not just for the Bacon Mary Martini's and big pints of Harp, but absolutely for the beautiful view of Cleveland.

Sitting on the patio on a nice summer night checking out downtown reminds me why I love this city and really can't imagine living anywhere else.

beer cheese dip

shoreline crab cakes

Cheers to having the next two days off and enjoying what is left of my summer!

Monday, August 1, 2011

well hello 26

Goodbye 25, goodbye July, hello 26!

I could not be a luckier girl.  I had an absolutely wonderful birthday thanks to my family, friends, and of course Ben.

Since we work on the weekends, Ben took me out to a delicious Sunday brunch.  Then we strolled around Crocker Park for a little while in the blazing heat and decided pretty quickly that it was time to go home.  Ben did get a new bike though which is awesome because now we can ride bikes together!!

My parents and sister came over for a yummy dinner and cake.  We ate, chatted, and opened presents.  We were celebrating my dad's birthday too since that is tomorrow.  I cannot wait to start reading this, which I plan to do tonight even though I'm already reading another book because I love love love Chelsea.

I also can't wait to use the new digital camera that my parents got me!  I sure hope it takes pictures in light other than direct sunlight, which is why my old camera is not my fav at all.

Then Melissa and Anthony stopped over for some drinks to finish off my wonderful day.  And they are moving back to Cleveland.  I could not have received better news.

Here's to 26 being the best year yet!