Monday, August 1, 2011

well hello 26

Goodbye 25, goodbye July, hello 26!

I could not be a luckier girl.  I had an absolutely wonderful birthday thanks to my family, friends, and of course Ben.

Since we work on the weekends, Ben took me out to a delicious Sunday brunch.  Then we strolled around Crocker Park for a little while in the blazing heat and decided pretty quickly that it was time to go home.  Ben did get a new bike though which is awesome because now we can ride bikes together!!

My parents and sister came over for a yummy dinner and cake.  We ate, chatted, and opened presents.  We were celebrating my dad's birthday too since that is tomorrow.  I cannot wait to start reading this, which I plan to do tonight even though I'm already reading another book because I love love love Chelsea.

I also can't wait to use the new digital camera that my parents got me!  I sure hope it takes pictures in light other than direct sunlight, which is why my old camera is not my fav at all.

Then Melissa and Anthony stopped over for some drinks to finish off my wonderful day.  And they are moving back to Cleveland.  I could not have received better news.

Here's to 26 being the best year yet!

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