Saturday, August 6, 2011

oh hey there emergency room

Oh what a night!

After a long night at work, when I was looking forward to getting home and getting in bed to be up early today to get ready for Mary's big day, there was a little bit of a speedbump that got in my way.

I'm clearing tables and helping out and someone says to me, "Ben cut his finger up real bad."  I'm thinking how would that be possible.  He's behind the bar and should not have anything sharp back there.

So, I run into the kitchen and oh yea, there he is blood dripping down his arm with his hand held high in the air.  The door jam got him.  Yes, you read that right, the door jam.  What are the odds that when you slip a little and try to grab a wall to catch yourself you stick your pointer finger in a door jam and tear off a pretty decent size chunk of it?  Seriously!

Of course a trip to the ER was in order, even though we knew there was no way it could be stitched.  Two hours and a great deal of pain later, we finally got home to a very sad little puppy who was extra excited to see us.

Now Ben has the nice excuse of not being able to immerse his hand in water for at least a week.  This means I have to do all the dishes, not cool.

Today should be a good day though.  My wonderful friend Mary is getting married!  I cannot wait to see her and dance the night away.  It should be an amazing night, and let's hope there are no more emergency room trips.

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