Saturday, August 27, 2011

ok cleveland, enough with the weather

Well school is back in full swing which means it is much harder for me to sit down and crank out a little blog.  Especially because not only do I have school but I also have work on the weekends because I am crazy.  Yep, I said it and admit to it.

Since it has been a few days, I have to recap what has been going on with the weather!

Tuesday afternoon I was almost ready to leave school for the day.  Almost everything was ready for the kids first day, just a few finishing touches on my room and lesson plans and then my last night of freedom! (which unfortunately began with a dentist appointment, but that's a whole other post)

All of a sudden I thought I was going to fall out of my chair do to a fainting spell or something.  I was so dizzy and the room was spinning and I was like what is going on?!?  One of my fellows teachers said, "I think the room is moving.  What could that be?"

Of course everyone in the room is like, no, no, the room can't be moving can it? Maybe it is! Oh my gosh it is moving!  We don't have earthquakes in CLE, someone must be on the roof. 

Then it was over and we went back to our work.  Until someone can on the PA and said we had to leave so the fire department could come check the pipes.  Yep, it was an earthquake.

Ugh!  Way to put a wrench in my day.  After sitting outside in the hot hot sun for 25 minutes we were let back in the building and all was well.  Everything was finished and the first day of school went as smooth as it could have.  Yay, success!

The second day of school began with getting called off because we had no power!  Awesome right?  Not really.  It was only the second day of school.  I much prefer these days in January, February, or March when no one really wants to go to work anyway.  Then I sat in bed and thought of all the stuff I could get done on my to do list if I was going to be home.  Ok, I said to myself.  I can deal with a day off.

Except I didn't have any power either.  for. the. whole. day.  Now, this should not have ruined my whole day because there are plenty of things you can do without power.  But, I surrendered to the power and decided the only thing I could do was enjoy the sunshine and read a book.  So that's what I did.

Now I'm trying to play catch up this weekend because I didn't get my chores done all week!  Procrastinating is never the answer!

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