Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trazfest 2011

Although summer is coming to an end and that makes me very sad (because I will miss the weather and not having to go to work everyday) this past weekend is one of my summer favorites.

Trazfest.  Yes, this is a made up name for a wonderful weekend of good times with friends.  It is so awesome and something we all look forward to as part of our summer and have for many years now.

It all started with parents going out of town for a vacation and Anthony deciding he should have a party.  That was 9 or 10 years ago, (we kind of lost count) and we haven't stopped since.

We have upgraded to a lake house in Vermillion for the weekend instead of someones parents house because let's be honest, we are a little to old for that.  We've been heading out there for 5 years now and it is always a good time.

beautiful view
Ben and I didn't go out until Saturday morning because of work, but the fest really begins on Friday.  Saturday it's time for the boys to golf and the girls to enjoy some good wine and tasty food at Paper Moon Vineyards.  After some separate we fun we come back together for dinner and other shenanigans. 

This year our host decided a pig roast might be a good idea and of course we all agreed.  After lots of research he realized that our best bet was a pulled pork dinner with lots of sides provided by Smokin Joes which might have been the best Trazfest idea so far.

some of the girls

ben and myself, this was the best pic we could come up with

After a great dinner and lots of games and laughs with friends we built a fire, had some s'mores and eventually crashed for the night.

For most, Sunday begins with breakfast at a tiny diner where the waitresses call you baby and honey.  The food is good, cheap, and fast, so it always works for us.  We head back to have a mass clean up, hang out for a little longer, say our goodbyes and see ya next years.

I had such a great time and am so happy to have the amazing group of friends that I do.  I already look forward to next year and many more after that.

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