Monday, August 22, 2011

because everyone else is doing it

I finally joined the rest of the world and joined Twitter.

I'm still pretty unsure of how all of it works and what I'm supposed to do or say.  It seems like everyone else is so clever and has something funny or important, or at least not completely boring to say.

Me?  I don't have much but I just gave in to the peer pressure and decided I would try my best to be creative.  So far I have 2 tweets and a few followers, so I guess I'm not doing that bad.

P.S. work started today and I'm already overwhelmed.  My to do list barely has anything on it and I still feel like I will never get all of it done.  I know, crazy, but that's just how it is probably will always be.

Find me on twitter @rachc731

If you find the need to follow me and see all of the exciting (ha!) things I'm doing.

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