Thursday, July 28, 2011

it's just like college

After a (not so) busy day at work, I got home and was expecting Ben to be getting ready to leave for his night at work.  I had plans to clean the house a little, maybe catch up on some dvr, but most likely sit on the back patio with Breckyn and dig into my newest summer read.

To my surprise, Ben got the night off because of the weather!  Which means we grabbed a pizza for dinner (thanks Hungry Howie's for the free birthday pizza coupon!!) and now we are headed out for the night.

Yep, going out on a Thursday.  This should be a regular occurrence for me especially in the summer but in my old age, (26 in 3 days yikes!) I usually end up taking it easy because there's lots of work ahead of me during the weekend.

But not tonight!  Cheers to drinking on week nights :)

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