Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the end of our midnight movies


It all started my freshman year of high school.  Yep, you would think it would have been earlier than that when I was actually a little kid,  but the honest truth is I read the first four Harry Potter books in just a few months during my freshman year.

It was perfect.  The first four books were out so when I finished one I was able to move right on to the next.  Until I finished the fourth and I was like, what do I do now??

Then the movies started coming out.  My sister and I started going to all the midnight movies.  I'm pretty sure there was only one or two movies we did not see at midnight.  When we went to see the sixth movie, my sister went right from the movie to work because she was working the 3:30-10 am shift.  

Some people think we are crazy, but we had so much fun doing it.  Last Friday at 12:01 am we saw the last Harry Potter movie.  It was sad to think that we won't get to do that again.  The movie was great and I will probably go to the theater to see it again but nothing beats the midnight movie with my little sister.

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