Tuesday, July 26, 2011

we need more party rock anthem!

This past weekend I took Saturday night off to celebrate my friend Mary's bachelorette party.

I have known Mary since my freshman year of college but we did not become close friends until our junior year.  She is part of what we call the 'fab four.'  She is part of my monthly dinner group, that would not be possible without Katie our organizer.  She is the second of the four to become engaged, and in two weeks be married.

We are all so excited for her and of course needed to celebrate bachelorette style.  You know, go out, drink and party as if once she gets married she will never be allowed out of the house again.  Buy lots of lingerie, as if most girls don't just sleep in boxers and tank tops 6-7 days a week.  And of course, dress up with crowns, sashes, and some type of penis on you in order to distinguish yourself as the soon to be bride.

Yes, I do think some of these things are a little silly but it is all part of tradition and all a good reason for a bunch of friends to get together.

I made my first trip out to Madison where we had dinner at a winery, and then we headed back to the eastside and went out in Willoughby.  I of course did not do the best job at taking pictures, but I did get two pretty cute pics to share.

the beautiful bride to be

myself, kristen, and katie
A good time was had by all and Mary did not stop smiling.  I cannot wait for the wedding and all the fun celebrating we will do!

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