Monday, September 26, 2011

being happy with what I have

It is a super blah rainy day here in the CLE, one that makes it hard to think about all the good things and instead just curl up in bed and hide under the covers.  Sometimes that is the easier thing to do, and sometimes that is exactly what we all want and need to do, and as far as I'm concerned that is okay.  What's wrong with taking it easy and relaxing and every once in awhile just feeling sad?  I think that's what makes us human and makes us have feelings.

Today for me just isn't one of those days and I'm feeling the need to write about the happiness in my life (despite the rain water that is all over my basement floor AGAIN because of a little downpour). 

This past weekend was my little sisters 23rd birthday and my parents 29th wedding anniversary.  Both were awesome things to celebrate and I could not be happier for all three of them.  My sister is a great person who I think has finally found her 'calling' working at a vet office.  She is a strong, fun, outgoing person who does not care what other people think.  We've definitely had our share of arguments, but she's my sister and I would not change that for the world.

My parents are two people who I look up to each and every day.  There are lots of times when I just wonder how they did it.  It could not have been easy raising two kids, but they always made it seem simple.  We were so lucky as kids and I know we did not appreciate it like we should have.  It's probably taken me 26 years to realize just how much we had and should be thankful for.  I don't think I could ever tell them enough just how great they are.  I am sure there were many times when they wondered how they were able to make it through the last 29 years, but that's what marriage is about right?  I hope someday that I am lucky enough to have the happy that they have.

Where I am right now in my life is such a great place.  I have a wonderful boy to spend my days with and he is so supportive of all the crazy that I can be.  I have a great family who has made me who I am.  I have an adorable little puppy, who we treat like a human, but who makes even the worst days good when she licks your face hello and cuddles up with you in bed.

I'm feeling as if I am in just the right place at the right time and I want to celebrate that.  Believe me, there have been many hard days in my past year, and I know that is par for life's course.  Right now is a great time though and I'm looking forward to so many more good times ahead. 

*All of this was brought on by a dr's visit I had today.  I switched dr's because mine was on the east side and since I'm living back on the west side I figured it would be easier to have one out here.  She was awesome!  We talked about everything including the pressure to be married and have babies and the fact that it is not necessary to do before a certain age.  It was nice to have that conversation because I feel that pressure and that has definitely caused some stress and anxiety in my life.  I know I put some most of that pressure on myself for some crazy reason but it was just a great conversation with her that made me feel good about where I am and what I've done.  Thanks doc, you gave me just what I needed!

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