Sunday, October 2, 2011

my best friend is back

Yesterday was a wonderful little day, despite the gloom and rain that has been pretty much every day this fall.

In the afternoon I headed to the eastside for Adrianna's first birthday party.  She was adorable as always and it was hilarious to watch her dig in to her smash cake.  It was great to see my group of eastside friends because it is not that often that we all get together.  (they have a really hard time crossing the threshold that is the eastside/westside)

Since I had to take the night off for the party during the day, I was conveniently able to celebrate the big 26 with Melis.  She is officially back in the CLE.  I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am to have her home.  We thought we were going to have a nice group of people to go out with but it ended up just being the two of us and we were okay with that.

We had dinner here and it was delicious.  I am never disappointed and give that place two thumbs up.  Then we headed to the old MGB because I clearly can't get enough of the place.

I'll take one glass of delicious

After a few hours of talking and a few Pumkings, we headed home.  This morning I remembered why it is much easier to go to work on the weekends instead of going out drinking.  I had every intention of meeting up for brunch today but I just couldn't do it.  I'm getting to old to drink all night and be productive anytime before 2 pm!

Instead Ben and I had a lazy Sunday with a very lazy dog.  We made chili in the crockpot which was delicious and I'm so glad it is crockpot weather again!  The parents even came over to enjoy dinner with us.

What a nice little Sunday.  Here's looking forward to a great week!

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