Thursday, October 20, 2011

a monthly dinner and cleveland beer week

A quick little recap of the last two days:

Tuesday night I headed out to the eastside to meet up with Katie, Mary, and Kristen for our monthly dinner.  It is always great to catch up with those girls.  We talked jobs, friends, boys, husbands (theirs not mine!), weddings (for engagements that haven't happened yet), and everything else you could think of.

We spent a decent amount of time chatting about whether or not it is okay to have your wedding semi planned even if you are not engaged.  More just as a joke than anything else, but don't all girls kind of know what they want in a wedding?  And if you are in a serious relationship that is eventually headed down that road you have those conversations with your significant other.  So why not talk about it with your girlfriends?

And good news...there is another baby on the way!  It's new news so there's not much to share but we are all very excited for Kristen's expanding family.

Wednesday night Ben and I met up with Melis and Anthony to celebrate Cleveland Beer Week.  We had dinner at XYZ the Tavern and it was delicious (aside from the meat and cheese board that is).  Dinner was great, beer was delicious, and the company was the best as always.

I wish we had more time to celebrate Beer Week, but working weekends doesn't really allow for all the fun that we'd like to have.  Oh well, going out to dinner on Wednesday works for me!

Yay for tomorrow being Friday!

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