Wednesday, October 12, 2011

halloween costume

So, I need a Halloween costume.  I love coming up with creative costumes for Ben and I to wear (I know, super cheesy but I think it's fun).

However, this year we will both be working Friday and Saturday of Halloween weekend.  We need costumes because of course everyone will be dressed up, but not a couples costume.  It just wouldn't make any sense and it would be weird.  I mean how do you Fred and Wilma Flinstone when one of you is behind a host stand and the other is behind the bar?

circa 2008, ignore the face I'm making

Popeye and Olive Oyl is the same way.  It just isn't the same if you aren't together.

Halloween 2009, the only good picture we had

I have to come up with something though, and I'm not the girl who can put on something short and cute and call it an outfit.  It's just not me and I'm just not comfortable.  I feel like time is running out...the month is half over and I feel so over scheduled these days I really need to get on this project! 


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