Sunday, December 18, 2011

2 years in the making

So two years ago I decided to cross stitch my sister a Christmas stocking.  I had a cross stitch stocking that our grandma had made me.  She passed away before my sister was born so she never received one.  No big deal, all these years she has had a cute little stocking, but I thought it would be nice if she had one that was handmade too.  It is just so much nicer and has meaning to it, and I like to try new crafts so I thought why not.

Well, I never finished it before Christmas.  The holiday season gets so hectic and we lived together at the time which made it really hard to work on when it was supposed to be a gift!

At Christmas I gave her what was done and told her I would finish it.  Then the following Christmas came around and I still didn't have it done.  Grad school got in the way, other projects came up, plus work, and a house, and a million other excuses.

Eventually the cross stitch part of the stocking was finished.  Then it came to sewing it.  So I put that off for awhile too.  Well I finally got my sewing machine from my mom's house and decided the stocking needed to be finished.

I spent two hours this afternoon putting it together and I couldn't be happier with the finished product.  It was my very first cross stitch and the first time I have sewed in awhile!  She loved it and it is hanging on my parents mantel already.

Merry Christmas Heather...hope you love it!

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