Monday, December 12, 2011

holiday mail for heroes

Christmas, to me, is one of the most wonderful times of the year.  I love spending time with family and celebrating all that is good.  We remember our family members that have passed and celebrate them.  We enjoy the time we spend with each other and are happy to be together another year.  We celebrate that Jesus was born and go to Mass together on Christmas Eve.

After thinking about all the wonderful things I get to do with my family, I thought about thousands of individuals who are braver than I will ever be.  They might not get the chance to see their family, hug and kiss their family, or spend the holiday with their family.  Sadly, some of them might never see their family again.

People in the armed forces give of themselves something that I cannot imagine.  Their families make sacrifices as well, sacrifices that I can only imagine and difficult on a daily basis.

Last Thursday, my students made holiday cards to send out to our troops.  Holiday Mail for Heroes is put on by the Red Cross and is a great program that was well worth our class time to participate in.  We made all sorts of cards with messages in them thanking the Service Members for all they do for us and wishing them a happy holiday.  The kids loved the project and felt good about what they were doing.  I felt great mailing a huge envelope to the Red Cross, full of notes and cards that will hopefully brighten someones day.

This is a project I hope to participate in every year, and I hope at some point this season we are all able to do something nice for someone who gives of themselves every day.

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