Tuesday, December 20, 2011

christmas monthly dinner

After many e-mails, some cancellations, and a few reschedules, we were finally able to get together for our monthly dinner.

December is such a hard month and I really threw a wrench into things when I decided to take a quick Hocking Hills vacation right after Christmas so we had to find a different night to get together.  Tonight was the night, and since Adrianna was going to join us, we ended up just having pizza at Katie's house.

There was a lot of catching up to do and it was perfect.  Pizza is always a delicious meal, and there were lots of Christmas cookies to share too.  Adrianna was adorable and I was able to give her the Christmas present I made for her.

She had more fun opening the box and tearing off all the paper then she did with the blanket, but hopefully she will enjoy it.  By the end of the night when she was getting sleepy she was laying down half on the floor and half in the box with the blanket, so cute!

I love celebrating lots of little Christmases with all of my wonderful friends.  Here's to one more day of work and lots more holiday celebrations!

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