Sunday, January 1, 2012

holidays, hocking hills, and a little lack of blogging

So I'm a little late on the 2011 recap and the 2012 new year's resolution posts.  I also haven't posted anything in over two weeks!  Yikes!

With the holidays, then a short vacation, then the new year, I just haven't taken the time to sit down and spend time writing.  I know I need to get better at that.  Hmmmm...maybe a new year's resolution right there!  More for that later though.

Christmas flew by so quickly this year, as it usually does.  It was a wonderful holiday and I enjoyed every second of it.  Ben and I were able to spend all of Christmas Eve and Christmas day together which is exactly what I wanted.  We spent time with both of our families and enjoyed just being with everyone.  I am so thankful for the wonderful holiday we had.

On Tuesday after Christmas we took a little trip down to Hocking Hills with our friends Melissa and Anthony.  We spent 3 nights in a little cabin with Breckyn and had a great time.  We ate, we drank, we slept in, we hiked, we ate and drank more, we played Phase 10 too many times, and even exchanged some Christmas gifts.  It was a great little break from all of the holiday 'hustle and bustle.'

Ben and I spent New Year's Eve at work, which was better than spending money right?  That's what I am telling myself at least!  It was fun to be with our work friends, but after midnight I was able to go home and did so quickly.  Today we spent some time with my dad's family for the annual New Year's Day potluck lunch and now we have the rest of the evening to hang out and relax.  What could be better than that?

Since I did not take one single Christmas or New Year picture, I have lots of Hocking Hills pictures to share.  We didn't do very much, but we did got to Old Man's Cave which was beautiful.  I still have no idea how to put pictures into a collage, so unfortunately I will just be adding them one at a time and this will end up being an extremely long post.  Any help with this problem would be much appreciated!!

pierogies step one

working so hard

ready for cooking

ready for eating!

a cabin is not complete without a massage chair

very serious game of Connect 4

Melis and Anthony on our hike at Old Man's Cave

Breckyn, Ben and mysefl

some serious tree roots

Phase 10

a very serious game that is addicting

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