Monday, January 16, 2012

closet clean out

Cleaning the Closet Clutter | Our Little Apartment

One of my favorite bloggers, Ashley at Our Little Apartment, is working on cleaning out her closets this month. She inspired me, and I'm sure many others, to clean up around the house.

Since I had today off, I started last night with the one linen closet we have.  Here is what it looked like before...

Pretty much a mess.  There were plenty of things that I didn't even know I had anymore and lots of things that I just don't need.  I realized that I have way to many sets of sheets for only one bed, and more towels than Ben and I could ever use in a month without doing any laundry.  I also apparently hoard liquid bath soap because I had 7 bottles of it for myself and 2 bottles for Ben.

I pretty much went shelf by shelf and decided what I was going to keep, what I was going to put somewhere else, what I was going to donate, and what was just plain garbage.  Here is what came out...

Oh yeah, I also had an empty curling iron box, a broken hair straightener, and a set of twin sheets that don't fit our bed.  There were also some old lotions that had glitter in them and why I had them I really have no idea.  A few things were thrown away but in the process I am donating two bags of towels and sheets to Purple Heart tomorrow.  This was another motivation for me.  Purple Heart is stopping at my house tomorrow to pick up any donations we had and now we have two bags to give!

Here is the finished, clean, organized closet...

I did go to Target and purchase three 6 quart clear containers to organize medicines, everyday things, and nail polishes and misc. items.  I can't believe how much room is actually in this closet.  It is so nice to see the back of it and to even see the floor.

Now, the hardest part is keeping it this clean.  That is the real challenge for me, so my goal is to keep this clean and once I can accomplish that, it's on to more closets!

Thanks for the inspiration Ashley!

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