Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Productive weekends leave little time for blogging

Happy Late Memorial Day!  And happy summer!

I love three day weekends (I love weekends in general) and I love knowing summer is right around the corner.

This weekend was extra busy and fun filled.  I do not have pictures to document any of it, which is a failure of my new goal (see post on taking more pics) but it was awesome either way.

Friday night we went out for a family friend's 21st birthday at West Park Station.  It was a great time, as 21st birthdays always are.

Saturday I cleaned house, hung out with my mom, had dinner at Tartine Bistro and dessert at this great new gelato place in Rocky River.  Then I headed out to the eastside to hang out with friends to celebrate a birthday.

Sunday, I finally got some mulching done with my mom (thank goodness for her help!)  Then we went to another birthday party for a family friend.  Maybe I should have titled this post 'A weekend of b-days.'  I didn't even realize until I wrote it all down how much birthday celebrating went on this weekend.

Sunday night Ben came home from Belize and I was and am so happy to have him back!

Monday we finished mulching, grabbed some fast food for lunch and then Ben was off to work.  I had a delicious rib dinner with my parents and tried to get to bed early, which is very difficult when it is 90 degrees and you're to cheap to turn on the air.

I'm happy it has cooled off a little bit, but I don't mind the heat after all of the rain we've had!

And it's already Wednesday which means another weekend is right around the corner!

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