Friday, May 13, 2011

Can't Shake the Market

Is it wrong to eat at the same restaurant three times in three weeks?  Or maybe it just means I'm a loser.

In my defense the first 2 times I went for brunch, and last night we went for happy hour.  Since we can't do Friday or Saturday night dates, we try for Thursday and Sunday brunches.

After two great brunches we decided to try happy hour at Market.  Three dollars beers, four dollar glasses of wine, and five dollar apps sounded like a delicious night. 

We had a great time and the food wasn't that bad.  The ahi tuna won-ton crisps and mussels were delicious.  The salsa trio and brushetta were just ok, although I will absolutely be going back.

We enjoyed the rest of the night lounging on the couch watching The Office with Breckyn happy to have us home.

As for tonight and the rest of the weekend, not yet sure.  The rain is supposed to be on and off, but Melis is home for the weekend so there is bound to be some good times! 

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