Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Dog's Life

As I sit here watching Breckyn relax on the couch (yes that's right, my dog is a furniture dog), I randomly think how awesome it must be to live a dog's life.

Now don't get me wrong, I love being a human and consider myself to be an extremely happy and blessed individual.  But to lay around all day, have someone clean up after me, take me for walks, play with me in the yard, go for long car rides where I get to stick my head out the window and enjoy the fresh air...well all of that sounds pretty good.

Today we went for a walk in the Metroparks, which is something we do as often as possible once the weather breaks.  Of course when you live in Cleveland that means it has to be at least May if not June for that to happen, so we snuck in a walk while we had the chance.

She LOVES walks, and walks in the Metroparks are like the best thing ever.  She thinks everyone she sees is a friend and wants to play.  Today we were walking past the golf course and she was staring down two guys that were on the green putting.  I'm pretty sure she was wondering why they weren't throwing the ball to her so that she could play.

Now she is just hanging out relaxing and soon we will be headed to bed.  She will jump up on the bed and stretch herself out completely across the bottom, or middle, or wherever she feels like laying for the night that is an inconvenience to you.  Then she will look at you with those cute blue puppy dog eyes and fall asleep.

It's the best and I don't mind sharing bed space with her at all.

stretching out on the couch

there's those puppy dog eyes

enjoying a car ride


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