Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thanks Mom

One day a year is just not enough to thank your mom for all that she does for you.  At least it isn't for my mom.

What a wonderful person she is and getting the chance to celebrate that with her makes me feel extraordinarily lucky.  The sun was shining today and it could not have been a nicer Mother's Day (especially considering all of the rain we have had lately).

We celebrated by enjoying brunch at Market.  Yes, this was my second week in a row having brunch there, but it's just that good.  They gave all moms a complimentary Mimosa, which is so nice and enjoyable as well!  Brunch was delicious of course and mom loved the new edition to her Pandora bracelet.

For the afternoon, my mom, dad, and I headed out to Petitti's so that I could finally get some plants for the back garden.  It was packed but we picked out 10 shrubs/trees that will hopefully complete the backyard garden.  Thank goodness for my dad's truck which helped get everything home.

Then my wonderful parents helped plant all the new shrubs/trees!  It was so nice out that spending the days indoors was not an option and since they are so wonderful they are always willing to help out in anyway they can.  So we spent the afternoon digging holes and planting plants.

The garden looks pretty good.  Of course everything is small right now but will hopefully grow over the next few years and be a nice colorful place to enjoy.

The day was beautiful, and spending it with my wonderful mom made it even better.  One day of thanks a year will never be enough, because my mom deserves a thank you everyday for all that she does for everyone around her.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

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