Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There's a Baby at Dinner

This month Katie, Mary, Kristen and I decided to meet at Mary's house for our monthly dinner.

She just recently moved in to a new house that her and her fiance built.  It was finally finished and they were all moved, so we thought why not have a little relaxing night in with pizza and good friends?

It was great and we even had a special guest.  Kristen brought her daughter to her first monthly dinner!  She is just about 7 months old and is absolutely adorable.  She was definitely the entertainment for the night.

Between her cute faces, sitting around watching her crawl and playing with her toys we had lots of fun.  We had some good girlfriend talks about boys, weddings, and babies which seems to be what more of our conversations revolve around these days.  We were even talking about how crazy it is that this is what our conversations are about these days.  My how things have changed!

from our annual tribe game this year

Here's to wonderful friends!  I love you girls.

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