Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy to see the Sun

Well it was finally a beautiful weekend in Cleveland.  And guess what?  The weather has been nice the last three days!  That's five days of nice weather...I've about lost my mind!

I've spent as much time as possible outside, even if it is just sitting on the patio doing absolutely nothing.  It is so wonderful.  Living in Cleveland really does make you appreciate the seasons.  I am a lover of summer and the sunshine, so when it is nice I go out and do things because here in CLE we don't always have that chance.

But I love fall too and the leaves changing color.  The warm days and cool nights, sitting out by a fire. 

And then there is winter.  The first snowfall is always so pretty even if you aren't the biggest fan.  I always cross my fingers for a little snow on Christmas, and then of course I love having snow days!  What is better than getting a phone call that says you don't have to go to work?  Not much.

Spring though, it isn't my favorite.  I don't even know if I like it at all.  Yes it leads me to summer but there is far to much rain.  Ok, the rain helps my yard and flowers and vegetable garden, so I like it a little.  But if I was ranking the seasons, it would definitely be number 4.

Today though, I am happy with you spring.  Thank you for a few beautiful weather days in a row!

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