Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brunch and Shrub Shopping

Since Friday and Saturday date nights are not an option for the boy and I, we chose to spend Sunday morning/afternoon at a Sunday Funday brunch.  We headed to Market in Rocky River and had a wonderful time.  I had dinner there recently with my mom and saw that they had a brunch menu that was right up our alley, so we decided to start our Sunday their.

We sat at the bar and had a nice time chatting with our bartender who just happened to be from London.  He was great and lots of fun.  I started with a Mimosa and he started with a Bloody Mary that you get to add all your own toppings to using their Sunday Funday Bloody Mary cart...very awesome.  After tasting that I realized I needed my own and quickly enjoyed my drink so that I could join in the fun.

We had a Pigs in a Blanket appetizer and I ordered the Eggs Benedict (a go to breakfast for me whenever it is on the menu) and he had one of their Market Skillets.  Great food, great service, great time.  We will absolutely be going back and hopefully sitting on their patio in the sunshine.


Eggs Benedict

Market Skillet

We then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for shrubs.  There is this garden in the backyard that I just cannot decide what to do with.  I love flowers and I love gardening but I am indecisive and really wish I could just have someone come in and say put this here and this here and it will look fabulous.  Ok, that's not exactly true because I do like putting things together and feeling as if I contributed and helped to accomplish something.

Today we got pretty far though.  A very nice salesman at Petitti's showed us some things that we liked and he said if we bring in a picture of the space with dimensions they can help us plan things out.  Exactly what I wanted to hear!  So we left with four red planting pots for the front yard and enjoyed the ride home with a little dog in the back seat who loves the sun and car rides.

Happy Sunday!

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