Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

After a Saturday of hard work in the yard I took some time out to have dinner with a girlfriend.  Now, if you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I love to go out to dinner, and I love my friends.  So it was pretty much a great Saturday night.

We went to Salmon Dave's in Rocky River, which is one of my favorite places to eat, walk, shop, etc.  I adore my little house and neighborhood, but spend lots of time in River.  We started with a yummy bottle of Dr. L Riesling, which is delicious if you like a sweeter wine.  We shared a shrimp cocktail stack with a bloody mary cocktail sauce with lots of horseradish.  It was so good and we both commented on the fact that we never eat a really good shrimp cocktail and even though it was so simple it hit the spot.  For an entree I had the pan seared shrimp and scallops (I love love love scallops and probably eat them way to often) with lobster mashed potatoes.  It was a nice dinner with a great friend and good wine.  What could be better than that? 

It would have been nice to finish off with a dessert, but someone gave up desserts for lent, so I was a good friend and said I would pass too.

Today it was finally SUNNY!!!!!  I could not help but just want to be outside.  I made a little trip to Petittis to check out what they had and get some ideas for my project of a flower garden.  I'm thinking hydrangeas, butterfly bushes, and maybe a little tree.  Still working out the kinks and pretending I can landscape and make flowers look right.  Once I figure something out, I will post pics so the work in progress can be documented. 

After that we went for a nice long walk in the Metroparks.  This is one of my favorite things about living in Cleveland.  The Metroparks are such a great place with so many things to offer.  It is a 10 minute drive from my house and the walking trails are awesome.  Everyone is so friendly and people were just so happy that the sun was shining and it was 80 degrees.  I love walking past total strangers and being greeted with a hello or a smile.  It is even more fun to take a beautiful blue eyed puppy with you, because everyone loves to see her.

The day ended with a dinner for two on a patio!  First patio dinner of the season!  Si Senor's is a great Mexican restaurant with large portions and $2 beers on Sundays.  The service is extremely fast and pleasant, and if you are craving large plates of Mexican food with never ending chips and salsa this is the place.  I have been there once before last summer right after it opened and it was just as good.  On Saturday's they offer $14 pitchers of margaritas...sign me up!

Hope you weekend was just as wonderful as mine...and that the sunshine continues tomorrow.

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