Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Columbus Roadtrip for the Tribe

My best friend and her husband (both Cleveland natives) are currently living in Columbus.  They are both wonderful people and I love taking the long drive down 71 to go visit.

In honor of the Tribe's season starting, they had a little party to celebrate.  Of course you never know what the weather will be like in Ohio in April, so we had every intention to enjoy the day outside watching the game on a TV that was rigged with cable from the second floor bathroom, playing cornhole, and enjoying some summer style brews. 

We ended up spending small amounts of time outside in between short rain/hail storms with a few spots of sunshine.  We also were witness to the Tribe's second loss of the season, but we all have faith in the team and can't wait to see where they go this season.

One of the best parts of the party was the hot dog bar that included tater tots!  There were a multitude of toppings to choose was very Happy Dog-ish, which is a wonderful little bar that I love to visit and will of course be blogging about in the future. 

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.  As you can tell, we know how to have fun, and anytime I have the chance to see my best friend, a good time is had by all.

There's the hot dog bar in the background! And of course some beautiful ladies :)

Let's Go Tribe!

Of course a dance party broke out

It got a little serious
Just a little sidenote...I have another pic that I would love to include, but since I am new to this whole blogging thing and am figuring things out one post at a time I can't.  It is turned sideways and I can't figure out how to flip it :(  It is saved the right way but isn't uploading that way...ugh.  

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