Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturdays are for yardwork

Call me crazy but I actually like doing yardwork.  I was super excited when the weather forecast was calling for a dry sunny Saturday.  Well, the sun just decided to come out...around 5 pm, but it was dry this morning and afternoon so I have nothing to complain about.

The first time back in the yard after a long winter of shoveling is the best!  Yes, it is all clean up and pick up of garbage that somehow was left behind, but it is the start of a nice spring/summer/fall of time in the yard.  Today I was able to pull some weeds, rake some leaves, and clean up a bit around the little tree stump I am left with.

I have daylillies coming up and the grass in the backyard is green (too bad I cannot say the same for the front).  The gardens have all been raked and turned over and are ready for planting.  I have three small vegetable gardens and one large garden that sits in the back corner of the yard.  Last summer it was used as a veggie garden, but I am currently working on some ideas to create a beautiful perennial flower garden.  The beds in the front have yet to be touched.  They really could just be left alone, but that's no fun at all.  I love changing things up and moving things around to make things look even better.  I am most definitely a green thumb wanna be, so I am still working on making things actually look like they belong together.

Now I am off to what I know will be a delicious dinner at a lovely little place.  You will hear all about it tomorrow!

One more thing, all of my hard work today was not done alone and would not have been possible without one wonderful boy, and one crazy little dog.

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