Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

I miss the sun!  I am definitely feeling a lack of Vitamin D over here.  We have had so much rain the last few days I'm starting to feel like a wet mop.

What can you even do in the rain?  I can't take the dog for a walk...well I guess I can but it's very messy.  I cleaned the house which wasn't fun.  I just want to get out in the yard.  I want to cut the grass and smell that great smell.  I want to put the new ceramic pots out on the porch and get them ready for flowers.  I want to plant new plants and get the mulch delivered.

Soon Cleveland, very soon, you will be showing us what spring weather is.

I know this is just one big complaint, but it's my blog and I will complain when I want to.  Really, does anyone actually like the rain?

circa we heart it

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