Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Monthly Dinner

Sometime around my sophomore or junior year of college, I was lucky enough to meet three friends who are so important to me and I feel so happy to have in my life.  We see each other as often as we can, but since I am now back to being a westsider and they all live on the eastside, it does make it a little more difficult.  The leader of our group, KT, has made a point to always break out the calendar and set up times for us to see each other.  These are our Monthly Dinners.

Last night we got together and for the first time we able to see MR's new house!  She is engaged and just finished building a house with her soon to be husband.  It is finally finished and even though there is no yard, no driveway, and barely any furniture inside, she let us come over and see the (almost) finished product.  It is so perfect for them and I am so happy to see her as excited as she is about this new step in her life. 

After we checked out the house we headed over to Willoughby Brewing Company.  We have dinner once a month and try to go to a variety of spots, but because of our four locations and always meeting on a week night, it seems like we end up in downtown Willoughby often.  For some reason, I am never really extremely satisfied with WBC.  It was not bad by any means, but it just doesn't impress me.  Our server was awesome, and as a former server who will probably be returning to her old habits this summer, I ALWAYS ALWAYS appreciate good service.  The food was pretty good as well.  I had the fried egg burger and I have come to find that putting and egg on anything makes it delicious.

The best part about going out with these girls is that no matter where we go or what we eat we have a great time.  We have been through breakups, engagements, houses, weddings, and even a baby together.  We make sure to continue to set aside time to see each other just because we love each other and need the support of our girlfriends.  Sometimes we see each other a few times a month, and sometimes we go a whole month without seeing or talking to each other, but that's okay.  That next dinner we have together let's us catch up and just enjoy having wonderful friends.

After dinner I traveled back to the westside and made a slight detour to Rocky River Wine Bar.  This is a place I could go on and on about.  Since I have already taken up a lot of your time, I will just say it is a perfect place to stop for a little dessert when you are just having a sweet tooth.  Don't worry, I can guarantee that you will hear about this place again.

And it's Wednesday, so happy hump day!!

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