Thursday, November 10, 2011

everyone has a different definition of clean

There is never enough time in the day/week/month for me to feel like my house is truly clean.  Of course it is livable and I think by many peoples standards, it's really clean.  But I live in it, so I know where all the dirt is and what should be getting clean.

I think the house needs to be vacuumed everyday, especially with one of these hanging around.

She is covered in hair and seems to shed all year long.  She sits on the couch and sleeps on the bed, which means her fur is EVERYWHERE.

Does it bother me?  Of course it does.  But do I really have time to vacuum the house everyday?  Not if I want to have fun, relax, get papers graded, or work a second job.  I have learned to live with the fact that sometimes there will be dog hair on the bed, on the couch, and on my clothes.  I do my best to vacuum as often as possible, but I'm getting better at just not doing it too.  It is not a matter of life and death, so sometimes I just have to give it up.

The kitchen and bathroom are my pet peeves.  When those are clean, I really do feel like the rest of the house is clean, even if it is not.  I always clean them once a week, including swiffering or shark mopping the floor.  I often wipe them down throughout the week with a Clorox wipe just so they feel extra clean.

To me, this makes all the difference in my house being clean.  Some people probably think this is to much, while others think I'm not clean enough.  I try my best, and Ben is really good at helping me, especially when we are having people over.  That is the exception to me trying to be calm about cleaning.  When people are coming over, I flip back into crazy mode and feel like it has to be absolutely spotless.  On a typical week though, it is just light cleaning with some maintenance throughout.

What are you cleaning musts?

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