Thursday, November 3, 2011

how much do you rely on your cell phone?

Yesterday my phone unexpectedly stopped making calls.  You know, the thing that phones are SUPPOSED to do.  Yep, mine wasn't.

I was furious.  I couldn't make a call, I appeared to have no contacts, and I had no idea what I was going to do.  I was home alone so I started freaking out that something would happen and I would have no way to get a hold of anyone and I would just be left to fen for myself.

Then I realized I could still text and I calmed down a little.  Once I stopped panicking, I started to get angry and when Ben got home I yelled at him about it, which is something I always do.  Of course that did not solve the problem, but I felt a little bit better.

Luckily I took it to Verizon today after work and all of my contacts are back and it's working just fine.  PHEW!

All of this made me think about just how much we rely on technology.  If I didn't have my cell phone I have no way to call anyone.  We don't have a house phone because it's not really necessary and we are trying to save money.  Of course I have a computer and that allows me contact with the outside world, but without my cell phone I almost feel naked at this point.

Is that really okay?  Do other people feel this way?

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