Monday, November 21, 2011

the lights are up!

This past Saturday, the afternoon weather was gorgeous.  It was sunny and warm...the perfect day for putting up Christmas lights!

I know, I know, Thanksgiving is on Thursday and Christmas decorations should not be up yet.  I (kind of) agree.  Let me explain.

No one really wants to put Christmas lights up in the freezing cold when there is a blizzard.  The best time to put them up is when the sun is shining and your fingers are not turning into little icicles.

Ben and I had the time Saturday before work and we got all the lights up outside.  I just need to get the wreaths put up and we are all set.  Don't worry, they are not turned on yet (but I really want them to be!)  To be completely honest, if we were not hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year, I would probably have my tree up already!

Here's to the start of another happy holiday season!

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